Saturday, July 21, 2007

Are you my husband?

[This was supposed to post on Saturday, but I couldn't get the pics to this is actually from last Sunday. Sorry!]

In honor of Ed's last Sunday at Messiah before moving to CA, all the men in the church wore jeans and a white t-shirt. All of the wives had a difficult time finding their husbands at certain points because everyone looked alike. Ed did comment on the varying qualities of white t-shirts though. Seeing as he is quite the connoisseur of white t-shirts, he had to give a few guys some pointers. Here are all the boys:

On a side note, Miranda Knox said that all the women were going to mimic me in bringing a baby to church in a sling. I thought "aww, how cute." Then she added, "And then we would all hand the baby off to someone else and walk away." Ha, ha!


Renata said...

Had my husband been in that picture, I'd still be able to recongize him ;-)

As for Miranda's comment, I found it humorous that at the picnic, I came over to talk to you, but my daughter was kinda fussy. So I ended up passing her off to you and walking away! :-)

Alan Knox said...

Leah (and Ed),

Ok... enough is enough. You've carried this little game on for too long. Come back to Wake Forest now.