Sunday, July 01, 2007

More from this past week

Hi all! I have a new challenge to my blogging ways - we are now without internet access at home! I am currently sitting up at school, using their wireless internet to upload these photos. I will try to stay up with the blog, because, let's be serious - can anyone go more than a few days without pictures of Samuel? (Actually, I know almost everyone except for my mom and dad can go without them. BUT, they start calling and bugging me if there aren't any updates!). Here's what else we did this past week:
1. We went to visit Dr. and Mrs. Hogg and their kids. Here is Samuel with Edward, who is a month older and 12 pounds bigger!

2. We went to a festival called Durham Rising with Rusty and Jessica. Here is Samuel helping me eat my Locopop:

3. We left Samuel with a babysitter (gasp!) and went out to a Carolina Mudcats game with some friends. We had a blast:


grandma carol said...

Thank you for the updates. Yes, I would bug you if I didn't get them. Gotta get my daily Samuel fix. Love you all!!!

Damian and Cassie said...

A Mudcats game, huh? Is the mascot still a Gentile?

tenjuices said...

the mascot has yet to be converted to Judaism so to speak