Thursday, June 28, 2007

Playing around the House

Well, I actually have a lot to post from this week, but not the time to do it! We are kicking into high gear around here, trying to get things ready for our move (three weeks away!). We have sold our couch, loveseat, and kitchen table and chairs - our house is quickly emptying out! Here are a few shots of Samuel at play:

This tractor was a gift from Samuel's Great Grandpa Lewie. He LOVES this thing! He pushes it around the floor and on the ottoman.

And here is where we caught Samuel the other day. He figured out last week how to get into the cupboards (you'll recall the post with the wax paper everywhere). Well, somehow he has now figured out how to climb INTO the cupboard and stand up!! He is going to be all boy, I think!


Margaret said...

Leah, he is just adorable! All that drool kinda looks like sweat. He must be working hard under those cabinets! When is the last day that you'll be in WF? We are coming on July 20 and I'd love to see you one more time!

Leah said...

Margaret - Ah! We are leaving July 18th!! We will already be gone by the time you come - no fair! We will definitely keep up through the blogging world and, Lord willing, we will see each other face to face again some day. Keep those pictures of Meredith coming - I can't believe she's almost 1!!