Friday, March 09, 2007

Fun Friends

While we were in Fort Wayne, we were able to meet up with Ed's roomies from college. Since graduation 7 years ago, the troops have definitely grown! From left to right: The Paynes, The Edwards' (Aaron, Jen & Ella, 3 months), The Meyers (Dave, Coricia & Grace, 9 months), and The Potters (Eric, Jen, Liam 3, Kate 1, & Owen 1 month).
We lined up the babies to take their pictures. Samuel was NOT happy when I sat him down. All the kids were staring at him because he was being a total baby!

BUT, as soon as the papparazzi started shooting, Samuel perked up and was Mr. Ham himself. What a nut!

Here's a shot someone took. Does it seem kinda obvious that we are a bit enamored with our baby boy?

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