Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Family Photo

We had a family photo taken while we were in Fort Wayne last week. This is Gary and Carol Seitz (Leah's mom and dad), Kevin (Leah's brother), Ed, Leah and Samuel, 6 months. We had fun at Picture People and were really pleased with the photos.


marymstraits said...

Hi Leah!
Love the family photo! On another note, where do you get your slings? A lot of times, Noah wants to be held while I'm trying to get things done. (One-handed dish washing is rather interesting.) I'd appreciate the info! Samuel is precious, by the way! I can't wait until Noah gets bigger!

Mar(y) :)

The Paynes said...

I make the slings that I use. I have made them for many mothers in the same situation as you - in need of a free pair of hands! Let me know if you are interested.

Also, don't rush Noah along too much! I was the same way about Samuel, always anxious for the next step, and then all of a sudden I looked at him last week and couldn't believe just how much he had grown up! Noah is just precious, by the way. Congrats!

marymstraits said...

Great! Let me know how much you charge, etc., and I'll let you know!

You're right about not rushing him along. I'm really just looking forward to seeing his personality emerge in full bloom. I see glimpses of it here and there right now, but I can't wait to see what kind of little boy he's going to become! I will, however, take your advice and enjoy the sweet baby phase! :)