Tuesday, October 31, 2006

FW Visit Part II: The Poop Story

Samuel and I had an excellent time in Fort Wayne. We even had a smooth time getting there and back. Except for one little hiccup. On the way to Indiana, Samuel had yet to have a dirty diaper. I was praying and praying that he wouldn't do it on the plane to avoid some of the horror stories my friends were so kind to tell me before we left. Well, we made it from RDU to Cinn and I fed him between planes. I was hoping he would go ahead and go before we boarded the plane, but alas, they were calling for all passengers. Wouldn't you know it, the second I sat down in my seat, WOW!!!, he had a blowout. I looked around me and they were still boarding the plane, so I couldn't go anywhere. I had no choice but to turn around in my seat and change him then and there. Poor guy sitting next to me had to endure the worst of the sight and smell. Samuel had pooped up his front and it took FOUR wipes to get him clean. Of course, everyone got an eyeful as they boarded the plane and definitely got a noseful as well! And that's also when Samuel stuck his socks in the dirty diaper and had to go without. Oh well!! Such is life. Here are more pics from the trip:

This is Samuel's Uncle Kevin. He came home from Warsaw to visit with us while we were home. We think Samuel looks a lot like Kevin did when he was a baby.

My dad and I played a little cribbage while I was home (I always come so close to beating him!) Samuel loves his grandpa!!

Here he is, 9 weeks old in this photo. What a doll.

I love this photo! Samuel and Grandpa Seitz

Samuel is smiling now! He his being held by my grandma. The little photo next to him is a picture of my brother at 7 weeks old. Samuel is wearing the same outfit. My mom found it in her attic and we put Samuel in it.

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