Sunday, October 29, 2006

Don't worry, the blog lives on...

Hi faithful readers! I realize that it has been awhile since I last posted. The blogsite wasn't working before we left for Indiana, and then we were away for a week, so it has definitely been awhile! The following pics are part 1 of our trip to Indiana. Samuel did EXCELLENT on the plane. Although there is a funny story about changing his diaper that I will tell on the next post. Here's some pics and commentary:

This is Samuel & me arriving in Fort Wayne. Notice that he isn't wearing socks - it's all part of the dirty diaper story. :) My mom and dad were there to pick us up & mostly to fuss over Samuel.

Samuel's first visit was with his Great Grandma Florence, my dad's mother. She had pictures of him around her apartment and thought he looked a lot like my brother Kevin as a baby.

Samuel also visited with his friend Jenna. Her sister Mackenzie was in New York and didn't get to see Samuel - so sad! Jenna really liked him and even helped me change his diaper. All good practice for her baby brother/sister that is coming in a few months.

And of course life wouldn't be embarrassing enough without naked baby pictures! Here is Samuel having a bath in my mom and dad's kitchen sink. Isn't he getting rather plump?

Finally for this post, a picture of Samuel supporting his favorite team, the Cubs. What a precious baby!

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