Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mark Your Calendars...

After today's appointment, we are officially on to be induced on Monday morning, August 21st. The baby is still healthy, but continues to hover around the 10th percentile (it was at the 10th percentile today). The doctors think we are at a good spot in the pregnancy to deliver the baby. The weight estimate is 5 lbs, 12 oz. They want to get the baby on the outside so that hopefully it will do a little better, gaining weight and being on par with the rest of its peers. I will actually be going into the hospital on Sunday night to get things ready to start labor on Monday morning. Please keep us in your prayers and if you are in the area, please come on down to the hospital to visit us once our little munchkin is here! Word of warning: You must work in a time around Grandpa Seitz (he is planning on being a major baby hog!).

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