Saturday, July 22, 2006

Please pray for our little runt

I wanted to give an update on our baby situation. I am now 34 weeks into the pregnancy. We had an ultrasound last Wednesday to check on the size of the baby. We were in the 23 percentile two weeks ago, but have fallen down to the 12th percentile. We are now on a weekly schedule to visit the doctor and hook up to the monitors to make sure the baby is not in distress. Please pray that Baby Payne would get it together and start growing a little more. Right now, he/she is a little over 3 pounds, but should be more like 5 pounds. We are on course for a 5 pound baby at this rate - but we'd like to see a bigger baby (not for the delivery! but, I figure a healthy baby is more important than an easy delivery!). We will have an update on Wednesday as far as how this little runt is growing. The GREAT news is that the baby is VERY active and everything else looks really great - it just needs to grow faster/better. Please keep us in your prayers. XOXO.

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Alan Knox said...

Hey guys! We just wanted to let you know that we're praying for all three of you!