Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What could it be?

I've been so perplexed lately as to whether or not I'm carrying a boy or a girl. Last week I was thoroughly convinced that it was a girl, but this week I am leaning back toward the boy side. Everyone of course has their predictions for me and most people say a girl. It is so stumping to not know what it is. I think it is working wonders for my marriage though. Wonder how? Well, everytime I go to ANY store, I always wander to the baby section. I dream of buying one outfit or another, but walk away empty-handed because I'm not sure whether to buy the pink or the blue. My husband would have killed me by now if I could have bought each outfit I've looked at. So, it is a blessing in disguise that I am left to wonder the gender of the baby. I'm posting a picture of me today because I like this outfit. :)

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