Monday, April 30, 2012

Trying Again

Well, I am going to try again with our blog. I'll post a few pictures from the months I've been behind and let you know what's happening with everyone. First, there's these two knuckleheads. Somehow the picture below captures a lot of their personality. They are into Lego, super heroes, and wrestling.
And then there's this special boy:
I think most of you know the story with T. The short version is that T first came to our home in February for a long weekend. Then we had him back and forth until he finally landed with us in June. He lived with us for 5 1/2 months until just recently he has gone back to his mom. But more on that later. Just enjoy the cuteness!

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Meg said...

So glad to see you blogging again! I've sure missed seeing pictures of your cute little fellas :)