Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Curb Appeal

Our recent burst of nice weather inspired me to spruce up the front entrance. All of the houses on our street look so similar. I wanted some things to set it apart so that people could find the house easier.
1. Red star. Now I can just say, it's the one with the red star. Easy enough.
2. Red door. I really wanted a red door all along!
3. New house numbers. I didn't want to drill a bunch of new holes in the brick to attach these new house numbers. So I got the idea to use a picture frame. I covered the back with Stampin' Up! paper and then screwed the numbers into the back of the frame.
4. High gloss black paint on the mailbox. This mailbox definitely got a second life after an easy coat of spray paint.

Still to do...find a new handle for the screen door. It fell off the other day (old age). Ed put a zip tie in to use for now. Yes, that is white trash.

Still to I paint the shutters black? The railings black? The screen door black? White? I'm not sure how far to go with this. But I'm super pleased with the results so far. For comparison, here's what the house looked like not so long ago:

And here it is today:


Carol Seitz said...

Love, love, love the red door. But you know my favorite is using the Stampin' Up! paper for the background on the house numbers. Great job, Leah. It looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

could we get more wrestling videos?

aje said...

Love the way you spruced things up a bit and so creative with the numbers! Love the red door, too. What about painting the shutters to match the door??? I think I might consider that or leaving them white.

Krista said...

Great makeover - I love what you did!