Thursday, December 02, 2010

Our Latest Obsession

We may be a little behind the times with this one, but the boys have just recently discovered Disney Cars and they are Ob-sessed! Someone gave us a few of the die cast cars and a big Mack truck over the summer. The boys enjoyed playing with them. And then Ed got involved. He started in buying new cars from Target. And now our collection has grown to something like 17! And they just might have a 9-pack waiting in my closet to be wrapped up for Christmas! :) We borrowed the movie from our neighbors so the boys could see what Cars was actually about. Now they like to act out scenes from the movie. I have to tear them away every night from their intense play. Here they are in action:

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Margaret said...

Hey Leah! We are with you on being behind the times on this one. My kiddos recently saw the movie too (while they were laid low with a bad cold). Now every blue car they see out is Sally and every truck is Mack.