Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleeping Mornings

Here are the boys waking up on a recent morning. They're a little bit cute, right?




Are you looking forward to the time change that's coming? Before kids I always looked forward to the "Fall Behind" because it meant an extra hour of sleep. And the "Spring Ahead" just stunk because you lost an hour of sleep. Well, now that I have kids it's the EXACT OPPOSITE! "Spring Ahead" is SUPER because when the kids used to get up at 7:00am, they started getting up at 8:00am. But now this terrible "Fall Behind" has come and while my kids sleep in until 8:00am now, they'll be getting up at 7:00am instead! Bummer! Luckily they've slowly been pushing back their wake up times as the sun takes longer to rise in the morning. I hope they transition well.
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