Monday, August 02, 2010

When you have boys...

...the journey is twice as much fun as the destination!

While my mom was in Chicago with us, we headed down for a day of fun at Navy Pier. But the fun began way before we arrived downtown. Here are the many forms of transportation we used that day:

1. Van. We drove from our house to the train station (about 1 mile). No picture because, well, it's just a minivan.

2. Train. We took the Metra from Morton Grove to Union Station. We sat up high and sampled all the seats before choosing the ones that were just right for us!

3. Stroller. Three hoorays for the Joovy Caboose! The boys hopped on once we arrived at Union Station for our short walk down the block to catch the bus to Navy Pier.

4. Bus. We waited a few minutes until #124 came our way to take us to Navy Pier.

5. Boat. The main attraction of our trip downtown. I had tickets to ride the Tall Ship Windy. We sailed the harbor for an hour while we learned about the life of a sailor on the Great Lakes.

6. Horse. Okay, it's a fake one on a carousel, but still. It's gotta count.

7. Water Taxi. Technically another boat, but this was a lot of fun. The taxi takes you from Navy Pier to Union Station via the Chicago River. We got to see all the big buildings from the river. Joel wasn't as interested as the rest of us.

8. Train (again). We sat downstairs this time so we could be in double seats. You can flip the back so that you are facing one another. There was an off-duty conductor sitting next to us that gave the boys his conductor pin.

All in all, a super great day. We got home at 4:15 and all of us took a nap. I went around and woke everyone back up at 6pm! I guess all that traveling really did us in!

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