Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Samuel's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Samuel's 4th birthday with a Bike Parade and Hot Wheels birthday party. Originally he told me he wanted to have a Mickey Mouse birthday party. When we went to the party store to buy his supplies, we saw that the Mickey Mouse stuff was about 2/3rds of the way down the aisle. Hot Wheels was second. He didn't make it past the Hot Wheels. So we decided to switch themes and it actually worked better with the already arranged bike parade. All of the kiddos arrived at our house at 10 with their bike/riding toy. Here's the crew lined up and ready to ride down to the park:

Once we arrived at the park the kids split up into pairs for a scavenger hunt. I had gone down earlier and hid little punched out pieces of paper with birthday pics on them. The teams had to collect three different pictures and then turn them in for a prize. Here they are hunting:

Then we paraded back down to our house:

We had lunch and then birthday cake. I made a figure eight race track cake:

And then Sam opened presents:

It was a really great party and I think all the kids enjoyed themselves. They even had time to sneak down to the basement to play:

A great party for a great little guy!

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