Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Under Construction

We have had quite the whirlwind of activity these past few days. We had hail damage from the storm back at the beginning of April. The only way we knew we had hail damage was because all the roofing companies starting combing the neighborhood after the storm looking for business. I laugh really hard now thinking back to the day the guy walked up to our house. We were all in the backyard playing around and I saw Ed talking with this Asian guy. After he left I asked Ed what the deal was. He told me the guy said we had hail damage and that we should hire his company to work with our homeowner's insurance to get a new roof. Ed used his best generic Asian voice to repeat the guy's last words "Do not let this opportunity pass you by" (very fortune cookie-ish, right?). I was convinced it was a scam. But Ed hemmed and hawed and finally called the insurance guy. A few weeks later? We have a new roof and new siding on both the house and garage!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! And all we had to pay was half of our homeowner's insurance deductible!! Very exciting indeed. And it has made a big change to our house. Here is the way the house looked when we bought it two years ago (old roof and siding, old landscaping & old awnings):

And here's the house today:

The garage (with new lights too!):

My next project? A new deck. This is our sad deck today:

Maybe at least a new patio set?

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