Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Mother's Day So Far

Many, many thanks to my wonderful husband who got up early this morning to make me breakfast in bed. He let the boys sleep in so I could enjoy my breakfast and paper in bed. Then Samuel joined me. He fed the kids downstairs. And then the boys picked out their own clothes to wear to church. Samuel's wasn't too bad - his favorite t-shirt, the pants he slept in last night, and some sandals. Not exactly warm enough for our cold weather today, but luckily church is always hot. Joel, on the other hand...he is wearing an undershirt, red swooshy pants pulled up way too high and Samuel's church shoes which are two sizes too big (and no socks). I tried to put the pants down to a normal level, but he insisted they be pulled up as high as they would go. Oh well, a smile is always nice on Mother's Day, even if it's from laughing at the ridiculousness of your children!


Gary Seitz said...

What's wrong with Joels pants? That's the way I wear mine.

Anonymous said...

Oh Leah Honey, you are gonna have to do something about this!