Monday, April 05, 2010

White Flag

Aaaaand, I've thrown in the potty training towel.

I gave it a few days and Joel doesn't seem all that interested, so I put the undies and the potty up for awhile. I think I'll try again in two months once we are done watching Baby G.

I think the biggest indicator to me to hang it up was that he could have cared less when he wet himself. When I did Samuel, he FREAKED OUT when his undies got wet and things clicked quickly. Joel peed himself a few times and just kept playing. I asked him if he was staying dry, he felt himself and then said "All wet Mommy" and then just kept running around with his toy. Ugh!!! :)

Here's to hoping for a success in June.


MMS said...

Noah did the same thing when I tried last summer! Waiting a few more months was exactly what he needed--it was so much easier the second time around!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear that. I know I'm a terribly friend. We decided to start with Andrew after we're done with all our summer traveling. So come the end of August we'll give it a go.