Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fly on the Wall Friday

If you were a fly on our wall this week you may have heard this:

Samuel and Joel were in their room at bedtime. I was eavesdropping at the door.
Joel: Sammy, eating boogies?
Samuel: No, I'm eating something that was on my lip. It's yellow though.

If you were a fly in our van on the way home one night this week...
Me: Look how big the moon is.
Samuel: Why is the moon big?
Me: Well sometimes it's big and sometimes it's small.
Samuel: Why's that?
Me: You'll have to go to school and learn about that someday. Your science teacher will tell you about it.
Samuel: I can just teach myself. I'm full of good ideas.

Samuel has been really interested in Tennis lately. He calls the rackets "rockets". Thus the following train of thought...
Me: Samuel, do you want to play soccer this summer?
Samuel: No, I want to play tennis.
Me: Ok, great. Maybe you'll grow up to be a tennis player. Maybe you can get a tennis scholarship to college.
Samuel: You mean a rocket ship?

Me: Samuel, who's the prettiest mom you know?
Samuel: Keyna.


Lois said...

Smart boys - Iove the rocket ship comment best of all

Krista said...

Hey I've had so much fun catching up on your blog. The boys are adorable and too funny. I miss you my friend!!

betsy said...

Leah- I LOVE your fly on the wall Fridays!! thats so cute about Keyna!! ha! Did you remind him that you were his Mom !? ;)