Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Farm at the Zoo, finally

We've made three trips down to the Lincoln Park Zoo in the past few weeks. The first time with our church friends (no Joel - he was at G&G Seitz's):

The second time with our friends, Aaron & Jen and their kids Ella & Silas:

Both times Samuel really wanted to visit the south end of the zoo where they have the "Farm at the Zoo". Now, if you are a McLallin family member who has spent your life in 4H, this farm amounts to the lamest showing of a farm you've ever seen. But for my little city boy, he thinks he has arrived when he visits here. I suppose that means that we need to get ourselves to Noble County a little more often!
Here are the boys enjoying themselves:

I hope you notice that there are exactly ZERO animals in these pictures. Samuel looked at the two cows in the dairy barn for all of 2 minutes and then we went into the exhibit barn and spent the rest of our time there. I'm glad this zoo is free b/c it would have been really annoying to drive all that way and then spend money for them to dig in a dirt box and pop out of a giant egg. Oh the things that entertain preschool boys.


Margaret said...

Your boys look so much alike! Glad you had a good time!

Kari said...

Yes, the farm display is a little weak, but I love it that Samuel very much wanted to visit the farm area. You'll have to make it over here this summer so that the boys can visit the real farm again.