Friday, March 19, 2010

Hangin' Around the House

We've been trying to soak up all the warm weather we can this week. We've been in the 60s almost every day. Then today's weather headline: Chicago weather goes from 60s to snow in one day. :(

Here are some antics from the past week -
Joel lounging around:

Samuel's friend Sophia loves to come over and "do crafts". She found my punches and scrapbook paper scraps and will entertain herself FOREVER with them:

Here are Samuel and Sophia's brother Micah crashing in on her fun:

Sophia is really smart at bringing Samuel into the punch play. He wanted her to play with him, so she told him "Let's go see that big bear in the dark part (of our basement)." She told him the bear was angry and they needed to make more crafts to scare him away. Samuel sat down with her to punch more paper, saying the whole time "yeah, Sophia, we're going to scare that bear away." We're working on his gullibility!


Jackie said...

Samuel and big bear sounds like Graham and his monsters! Everything has to be done before the monsters come. Boys are the greatest :)

tenjuices said...

well, if you don't like the weather in chicago, just wait 5 minutes. isn't that what the famous writer said?