Sunday, February 21, 2010


This video shows the boys favorite mischief. They do this on a daily basis. It now earns you an automatic spanking in our house (sorry, but feet on the table are gross!). The funny thing is that Ed finds this to be hilarious and can't bring himself to discipline them for it. He has to stiffle his laughs each time they do it. Argh!


Margaret said...

Ben has had to call me several times lately to finish spankings because he was laughing too much to do it himself! I agree with you - AHHH!

Anonymous said...

So... let me get this straight. You encourage them to explain what "tato tato" means for the video, and the next time they do it, it's corpral punishment?? Sounds like entrapment to me. By the way I used to play "tato tato" on Ed's pillow at 1410 1/2 and he did NOT think it was funny!