Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pampers Points

**Update: Thanks so much for the codes!! I have enough points now to buy the Diego Potty Chair. Hopefully it will be here in time to wrap up and stick under the tree.

Hey, do you use your Pampers Gifts to Grow codes inside the packages of diapers? I need three more codes to buy the thing I want. If you don't use your codes, could you pass yours on to me? I'm done collecting them after I buy this potty seat with mine and I'd be happy to pass any future ones on to someone else. The codes are printed on a sticker inside the diaper packs. Thanks so much!


Meg said...

I don't have any right now, but do you follow the
blog? There are often free point codes on that blog

Anonymous said...

I could share my empty depends packages with you.


allison said... don't really know me. I find your blog through a mutual friend from SEBTS. I do have a code to pass along. I can assure you it is legitimate.


I hope that helps.

Jessica said...


Leah said...

you dont know me...I found your blog through a friend and I read Prayer of Hannah often. Hope the code helps, i just opened the box to get it!