Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a (Hospital) White Christmas

Sooo, I've rescheduled my surgery for December 22, putting me in the hospital on Christmas. Boohoo. But Ed and I decided it is better than the alternative. His work informed us last week that they will be changing insurance providers as of January 1. Since I was planning on being in the hospital into the New Year, this wasn't the best news for us. We decided that instead of hassling with switching insurance companies mid hospital visit, we would just bump the surgery date up and get creative with Christmas. Lucky for us, our boys don't have a clue when December 25th is and so won't have any problems celebrating Christmas on the 26th or 27th. I plan on completely tricking them, so don't spill the beans! :)

I'll go in on Tuesday, December 22nd for my final surgery. The doc will sew me closed and send me back up to my room to recover. Best case scenario has me leaving the hospital on Christmas Day. Ed's mom and dad are being really great about the switcheroo and planning on coming here to spend Christmas at our house. I'm hoping my recovery time won't be too bad this time since they're not opening me up.

I've almost got all of our Christmas shopping done. I have two more things I want to make this week. And Samuel and I will finish up the cookies and candy today.

All in all, I don't think it will be too bad to have the date moved up. The best news is that my surgery is only 1 week away! Only 1 more week of this bag! And I have some extra Christmas decorations that I bought after Christmas last year. I plan on bringing them to the hospital with me to add some holiday cheer.

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Peggy said...

It is great you can stay so positive with everything. Love you and hope everything works out ok for you. I just hate it that we missed you last weekend. Prayers coming your way.
Aunt Peggy