Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Enjoying the Snow

Samuel and I ventured out Saturday morning to make some snowmen with the PERFECT snowman-building snow we got. Here is our family of snowmen:

Joel and Ed joined us a little while later. Here's Joel all bundled up and ready to shovel:

When we headed back inside, the boys asked if they could have some snow to eat. Here they are enjoying their little bowls of snow:

We are looking forward to a White Christmas here in Chicago. Yippee!


The Hangs said...

HOLY COW you did make a snowman family!! WOWZERS!! It's a beautiful family. :) Glad you are feeling good!

Anonymous said...

Ummm... I only know four Payne's, but I see five snowmen. The littlest of the five seems to have a pink hat on. Any foreshadowing going on there??


Leah said...

Good observation, Dave. I was wondering if anyone would notice. Yes, there are three little ones and yes, one of them is a girl. But no, we aren't trying to convey anything by the picture. Samuel just wanted to make a girl snowman to go with our family. Maybe it is a bit of foreshadowing unbeknowst to even us. I hope so!