Saturday, November 07, 2009

Who's in Charge around here?

I was in the bathroom the other night, diligently trying to change me ileostomy bag. This is the conversation I hear out in the kitchen:
Samuel: Daddy, I want a bath.
Ed: Not right now.
Samuel: Can I have a Daddy bath?
Ed: Sure. Come here.
(I hear running water from the kitchen tap).
Samuel: Do my feet, too.
Ed: Okay. Don't tell mom.
Samuel: I want a bath.
Ed: Okay, just a minute.
(I hear more running water. Then it turns off and I hear lots of giggling).
Time to investigate...

Oh, brother, who's in charge around here?


Anonymous said...

Looks like Samuel is!!!
These are the times he'll remember. Glad to see you have a double sink, now there's a place for Joel too.
Think this least he got clean! Aunt Karen

Jen said...

laughed out loud!!!

love you guys

Anonymous said...

Hola Chica,

You always put a smile on my face reading your stories. The Vacuum one topped everything ( so far). The sink one is another hilarious one .
Please, please e-mail me ;

I am craving to be in touch with you.
Love, Gabriele

Margaret said...

Hilarious! Love your kitchen too!