Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guess Where I Am?!?

Hello from my home everyone!! They set me free this evening. I made it home in time to see Samuel before he went to bed, but not Joel. I will surprise him in the morning. I can't wait to see his face!

I am still restricted to a liquid diet for 2 days. And I still have my PICC line in, just in case things don't go well at home. BUT, I am feeling good and I think things will progress smoothly over the next few days. Ed is a little overwhelmed with the PICC line - I have to flush it twice a day with a saline syringe and he is not too keen on it.

The last time I left the hospital, we stopped at Arby's for a chicken sandwich. That was not to be the case this time, but I did stop at Burger King for a vanilla shake. Mmm.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has prayed for me over the past couple of weeks. I love you all!!


The Hangs said...

YAY!!! you look great! love you!! let me know how I can help if you need it!!!!!!!

Lois Murray said...

Hooray!! I was so glad to find your post and learn that you made it home tonight! How wonderful for all of you. Thanks for putting this post up so we could all sing praise and be thankful for your progress.

Jen said...

Oh, Leah! My cup overflows for you! So thankful you are home! Here's to steady recovery. Enjoy your boys tomorrow. remember to take it easy.

And we think you have one terrific husband. But here's my question... which is worse, Ed—flushing a picc line or feet?

love to you all,

the Potters

aje said...

Praise the Lord!!!!!! :)

I fell asleep praying for you last night. I am down with an awful flu x 4 days now and was beginning to feel really sorry for myself and down, but then I remembered what you have been through, so focused my thoughts to prayer for you!

Your pictures brought tears to my eyes. SO GLAD you are home!!!

Love, Jen

Anonymous said...

YIPPEE!!!!! I've checked so often lately for this update and now here it is!! Praise God! Now ruff up those boys and then take a nap. Rest, eat, rest eat. Thats all for you.
Love you, Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! You look so happy now that you are home. It sure has been a struggle but you are so strong and faithful. I am so proud of you and hope everything continues to go well. Take it easy but do enjoy those boys and being home.
Love ya, Aunt Peggy

Margaret said...

Yay! The first picture did bring tears to my eyes too. How wonderful that you are home. I'm so happy for you.

Jessica said...


Kari said...

So glad to hear the great news! Take it easy and get lots of rest...and hugs and kisses from your boys. I'm pretty sure those will help with the recovery too.

Krista said...

YEAH!! Praise the Lord!! I'm so happy you are HOME! And I'll keep praying. . . Love you!

Anonymous said...

Just what we have been waiting to hear! Take it one day at a time and before you know it this will all be in the past. Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

Great news! Take it easy and make Ed do all the work. We'll keep praying for a quick recovery.
Dave, Coricia, Grace, & Emma