Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ever feel like crying?

Well, the chips on the floor were bad, right? OH, you don't even know how much worse it can get! I only WISH it was a bag of chips on the floor last night.

This was so much worse I couldn't bring myself to snap a photo, so you'll have to use your imagination.

I was making dinner last night and talking to a doctor on the phone. I was chopping some green pepper and stirring things at the stove with my back to the rest of the kitchen. I could hear that the boys had gotten into the pantry and seemed to be happily playing with whatever they found. I hung up with the doctor and turned around to see...

An entire bottle of syrup spilled all over the floor with the boys slipping and sliding in it and laughing hysterically!!!!!!! I caught Samuel as he was dumping the very last of it and laughing "slippery, slippery syrup". Both boys were completely covered and having the time of their little life.

There was a split second where I thought, I should just laugh and snap a photo to remember this by. I didn't. I started crying. Hard. Except Samuel mistook my bawling for laughing and kept laughing even harder. I had no idea what to do. I mistakenly set the boys aside to start wiping up the syrup before it went under the fridge. Mistake because then Samuel proceeded to run a lap around the living room with his syrup drenched feet! I quickly went to plan B, scooped up both boys and threw them, clothes and all, into the bathtub. I stripped them down, wrung out their clothes, and then headed back out into the kitchen to do my best. After I got most of it cleaned up, Ed came home for dinner and was a REALLY big help in mopping the floor.

The only thing is, it's still sticky. I woke up this morning and with the reflection of the morning sun, I saw a whole line of sticky footprints that we missed last night. And so now I've just left a wet dishrag in the corner to grab every time I step in sticky.

Ugh, how I long for that bag of chips!


The Hangs said...

oooooo... that's bad.
that's why i dont cook!!
when are you guys going to come over?

kari said...

I must admit that picturing Samuel saying "slippery, slippery, syrup" while dumping the last of it out made me chuckle. But it would have been much cuter outside, not in the kitchen. I can't even imagine how bad that mess must have been...and then for him to take off running. You poor thing! Hang in there. It won't be sticky forever!

Jen said...

OH!!!!! That is Awful!! just awful! I am so sorry! what a mess. I can't even imagine. I would have bawled too. hang in there.

Shannon Bradley said...

Wow. Anything. but. syrup.!!!! I couldn't help but to laugh out loud at Samuel mistaking your cry for a laugh :) The joy of boys :)

Anonymous said...

Some day this will be funny....not sure when???? {I am laughing now}
Love Mary

Carol said...

I am laughing hysterically! However, as I told Leah, it's probably funny to me because I didn't have to be there to clean up the mess. I think this may just be the beginning of the Payne boys antics! Love you all.

Margaret said...

Oh! That is bad! I once had a gallon of honey spill in my car trunk....but at least there were no little boys to run around in it. I totally would have cried too -okay, I would have been yelling and crying at the same time!