Monday, June 29, 2009

The Rest of our Florida Vacation

Okay, I just saw that on the photo in the post below, you can't see what the picture is ACTUALLY suppose to show - Samuel giving Minnie a big hug. If you want to see it in all its cuteness, you have to click on it. Sorry - it's huge for some reason.

On to today's post (which is later than usual because I watched a movie with Ed last night instead of writing my post - He's Just Not That Into You - Ed just wasn't that into the movie.)

Here's the rest of the pics from our time in Florida. We had a GREAT time visiting with my parents in The Villages. They moved down to a retirement community northwest of Orlando called The Villages. Yeah, that's a capital T on The Villages. That's the name of the community and the name of the whole town - it's its own zip code and it's officially called that on maps and such. It is a huge place with neighborhood after neighborhood of houses full of other old people. Each little neighborhood has it's own activity center and pool. And you can get anywhere you want on a golf cart. I wasn't sure what I was going to think of it, but I loved it and I'm so happy for my mom and dad. There are a million golf courses to play, places to eat, things to do, etc. It was a lot of fun! And of course the boys were a hit - everyone wanted to see the babies. Here's a few highlights from the week:
Samuel and Joel destroying my parents' living room (every morning):

One of a million golf cart rides (now all the cars in our house are "golf carts" and Grammy and Papa are continually driving in and out of every toy building):
Trying to get a cute photo down by Lake Sumter (Lake Sumtner?):
The happy grandparents:
Waving hi to daddy:
Couldn't you just eat them up? I also bought them matching (fake) crocs at Walmart:
That concludes all Florida pics, as well as any repeats from my mom's blog. Sorry to all of those who read hers and are yawning right now. :)

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No yawns from me! Love Mary