Monday, April 20, 2009

What's New with Us

In the midst of funny stories and cute pictures, I forget to give general info on how we are all doing. Here's a little update:

Ed: He has been working at Regis Technologies for a year and a half now. He works second shift (3pm-12am) but still comes home each night to eat dinner with us. He is teaching Sunday School at church again - Genesis 1-12. He still enjoys reading the Hebrew Bible and studying when he can. He takes one or both boys up to Starbucks and the Library at least two or three times a week. They LOVE their Daddy!
Leah: I am busy as can be with the boys and taking care of the house and keeping up with the blog. I have gotten really into coupon shopping over the past few months. Ed gets a little annoyed with all of my wheeling and dealing, but it is a fun little hobby for me. I have started going to a MOPS-type group at a church nearby and made some friends there.

Samuel: He is getting smarter and smarter every day. He can now recognize all of his letters and give the sound for each one (including the vowels now!). He will look around all the time and give the sounds to letters that he sees. He has started calling Joel "his baby" and wants to play with him more and more. He finished up gymnastics class two weeks ago - he has learned to jump, walk on the balance beam unassisted, and skip since joining the class in the fall.

Joel: He has given up on walking and has instead finally learned how to crawl. He loves to imitate any sound that Samuel makes. He also likes to rock back and forth in his chair at dinner and get Samuel to rock with him. His favorite word is "no", which is his answer to any question that you ask him - head shaking is included. He has learned how to say "dookatdat" (look at that) this week.
Our Family: We are still watching Baby L, though she will probably be leaving us in the next month or two. We are anxiously awaiting the opening of the local pool - and the warm weather that is sure to accompany it. We are getting a season pass this year. We enjoy the time God allows us to spend together with Ed's job and pray all the time that God would bless us with more family members if He sees fit.


Margaret said...

What a sweet smile and sparkling eyes Sameul has! Joel is adorable too. Glad you all are doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Who's that guy in the picture wearing the noose?? I've never seen Ed in a real tie before. What is this world coming to....