Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm a Neigh-Neigh

Samuel pretends to be a horse a lot. He'll start walking around on hands and feet with his butt up and say that he's a "Neigh-Neigh". A lot of times he'll want one of us to do it with him - butt up mind you, no hands and knees stuff. This is especially embarassing in a public place. The other day we were leaving to go on a walk and we told Samuel to get his shoes on. He proceeded to put my pink slip-on shoes on his feet and his croc shoes on his hands. He walked like this all the way out the back door, down the porch steps, and up the driveway. We finally convinced him to get into the "horse trailer" (i.e. the stroller) so we could go on our walk. He just had to keep those pink shoes on his feet, much to Ed's chagrin.


Josh and Donna said...

that is a funny story, i laughed out loud!

tenjuices said...

video is worse