Friday, April 10, 2009

I Want Some

The routine around our house is that I get up with the boys in the mornings and Ed sleeps in a little bit (remember, he works until midnight or 1am every night). We get up around 7, eat breakfast and play around a little. Ed usually comes down around 8:30 or so. Without fail, they swarm him like a bunch of locusts the minute he starts fixing himself a bowl of cereal. It doesn't matter how much fruit, waffles, milk, etc. I get them to eat for breakfast, they are instantly and magically starving as soon as that cereal hits the bowl.


janet said...

awww, i miss those early morning wake-ups. around 7? i think that's a little generous.

Mark'sMeg said...

That is exactly what happens in our house, too! I fix Karis the best breakfasts, but she always wants Daddy's cereal, no matter how much she already ate!