Monday, February 23, 2009

A Birthday Party

We had a little birthday party Sunday night at a friend's house. Joel, Aedric, and David were all born within a month of each other. Even though Joel's first birthday isn't until March 18, we had the shindig last night to celebrate the three birthdays together. We had a Jungle themed party and almost all of our church family was there with some extra friends added in. Here are the birthday boys:

Here's the cake I made for the party:

The kids waiting for the boys to eat their cakes:

Joel checking out his cake:

Finally digging in. The other boys definitely attacked their cakes. Joel wasn't as gung-ho about it. He did eventually eat a handful or two, but I think he was protesting the fact that it wasn't his actual birthday. We have high hopes for March 18.


Jen said...

uh, Holy cow! that cake is awesome. how did you do that? very cute. oh, and your hair looks nice straight! :)

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Your boys are adorable!
The cake is incred.
And you are one skinny minny! You're going to blow away!

Mark'sMeg said...

No way! Joel is almost 1? Where has the time gone? And great job on the cake -- have you taken a cake decorating class before?

The McCurdy's said...

Great job on the cake!!

I can't believe how great you look. Are you sure that you had two kids naturally?

Leah said...

Thanks for the cake compliments. It was the first time making a cake with fondant. It was fun and not too difficult at all. You can buy pre-colored fondant at Michael's for fairly cheap. I just looked at cakes on Google Images and copied what I liked.

Also, thanks for the skinny comments. I told Ed today that I thought my jeans were fitting tighter and I was self-conscious about it. Girl Scout cookies arrived yesterday and I've definitely had more than my fair share of them! :)

Justin & Gi said... you give lessons over the blog??????????
ROck on super mamma!