Thursday, January 22, 2009

Handy Daddy

I haven't put pictures up until now for whatever reason, but Ed made Samuel a train/activity table for Christmas and HE LOVES IT. Ed did an awesome job on this. It is pretty big and has a hole in the middle where Samuel can stand and play with his toys. One of the sides swings up to open to the middle, but Samuel mostly just climbs over. We used some of Samuel and Joel's Xmas money from Ed's parents to buy the white cubes and fabric bins that are holding the table up. They are perfect to store all the table toys in - one for Farm, Trains, Cars & Misc. Thank you Daddy!!!!


Anonymous said...

Are those itso cubes from Taget??

Dave M

Leah said...

Why yes they are Dave M. We love them a lot. The fabric bins are super sturdy and we figure we can build them together differently in the future if needed.

Anonymous said...

You know if you would have sprung for the wood ones you would have been supporting your old pal Dave M. (we make them and I worked on setting up the lines). You can still use the very nice fabric bins.