Monday, October 13, 2008

TWO Grandmas - and an Aunt Karen, too!!

So a BIG thanks to my Grandma Genny and Aunt Karen for making a monster of a trip to see us yesterday and today. They drove 1.5 hours to South Bend, rode a train for 2.5 hours to Chicago, rode another 1 hour on the CTA with us up to Skokie, and then rode home with us in the car for another 10 minutes or so. Quite a trip! They were able to have dinner with us last night, spend the night, and then hang out this morning before turning around and making the trek all the way back home! Samuel was in HEAVEN with all the attention. He just kept looking around and smiling as big as he could. We all look quite a bit alike, so I think that was weirding him out as well. At dinner last night he looked around for awhile and then said "TWO grandmas!!". It was adorable. Here's a few pics from our visit with them - we love you both!!

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