Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well, at least we're not in Texas

Hey folks. We're under water here in North Chicagoland. I awoke to the neighbors walking all around my backyard and banging on our back door about 7:30. It rained all day yesterday and all night long. By this morning, the water was sitting in our backyard (and everyone else's too). Ed and I checked the basement and, sure enough, the carpet was soaked through. (FYI - this was Ed's BIGGEST fear when we bought the house). He was surprisingly cool about the whole thing and just set to work trying to get the water away from the house. About mid-morning we were out front with the neighbors and saw that they had closed our road to the left. We went down to the main road to the right and - wow! - the street on the other side was COMPLETELY under water. There was a woman wading through the water waist deep. She came up to the corner and said that her basement was flooded from floor to ceiling! Throughout the rest of the day, most of the neighbors were coming out and saying that they had at least a foot or two of water in their basements from the sewers backing up. They said on the news that we registered about 6 1/2" of rain today - the most in recorded Chicago history for one day! We are counting our blessings here. Our carpet is ruined, but we got everything else to a dry place and we aren't dealing with anything as bad as our neighbors. We are praying for them and doing what we can to help out. We are supposed to get Hurricane Ike rain on Sunday so I guess we're not out of the woods yet!


Mark'sMeg said...

Wow, that sure doesn't sound like fun. We'll be praying that Ike doesn't hit you so hard!

Jen said...

yikes! water in basements is no fun.