Thursday, August 14, 2008

Love Me

For the longest time Samuel would not say "I love you". He wouldn't even say the word "love". He will repeat almost anything you tell him, but each time we'd say "I love you" he would just laugh. We could get him to repeat "I" and "you" but he wouldn't give it up with the "love"! You can count the number of times we have gotten an "I love you" out of him on one hand! What he thinks is really cute is to say "Love Me" after you tell him "I love you". Here he is hamming it up:

Later in the day I caught Samuel being nice to Joel. He didn't know I was around and was actually being sweet to his brother (a rarity these days!).


Christy said...

How precious. I love to see my Asa loving on his little brother Eli. It is so nice to see them do this. I haven't given much thought to the saying I love you thing yet. I say it to my boys all the time, but haven't given thought to when they will start saying it back although it will be a while before Eli says it. He is only 9months. Asa at 21months is just now starting to really repeat words. He has developed the more physical skills first. He is such a climber and can figure out how to get to something he wants although he hasn't figured out how he can get over the gate yet. Have a great weekend. Oh and thanks for the link to the google reader on the Prayer of Hannah blog. I am loving this. I can't believe I didn't figure that out sooner.

Leah said...

I'm glad you've found Google Reader. It is such a time-saver! Well, unless you get sucked into reading a million blogs when you should be going to bed instead!

Shannon Bradley said...

Luke WILL NOT say I Love You either!! He will just stare at us or half smile- who knows! Now he says.."I want kiss" but that is it for us :) Just like Samuel, he repeats everything!!... except, I love you!

Margaret said...

I think Meredith and Joel would be such good friends if they knew each other! What adorable videos!