Monday, August 04, 2008

Joel's New Trick

Joel has been really into standing up lately. Here he is standing in the little walker my dad bought for him: He progressed to standing up against the arm of the chair. Here he is in deep conversation with Samuel: And then by accident we discovered how talented he really is. Samuel's Sunday school teacher was marking how tall the kids were in Sunday school yesterday. I stood Joel up on the wall to see how he measured up and let go a little bit. Lo and behold, he could stand on his own (okay, well, he was leaning against the wall, but I wasn't holding him at all). Here is a pic of him (BTW, my hand is RIGHT outside of the picture - no babies were injured during filming!):

And here's a video to show just how awesome he is at it:


grammy carol said...

Good job, baby JoJo. We miss you.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh wow... your son is soooo cute.

christy said...

oh, what a cutie...He is growing so much! Thanks for sharing this :)