Thursday, August 21, 2008

Help My Mom

Okay, so if you haven't read my mom's blog yet, you should go check it out. She is getting the hang of writing on a blog - good mix of pictures and stories and some witty comments thrown in. Also, she has done something I haven't done yet - made a poll on her sidebar. She's looking for decorating advice. NOW, I will give this warning. I convinced her to buy a pair of sofas for her living room at home and she HATES them. Everytime we sit down in them she inevitably comments "oh, I just hate these sofas." SO, if you do give her advice on the curtains, do it anonymously. You've been warned!


Jen said...

Oh, GREAT, Leah...warn me AFTER I've already left my comments!

Carol said...

I don't HATE them. Well, maybe I do. They just weren't my first choice and I was trying to compromise (translated "go cheap" for Gary). Please everyone vote and comment. I'll really appreciate you I promise.