Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birthday Photos - Finally!

We have had spotty internet all week, but our friendly neighborhood AT&T guy came out today and hopefully fixed it all. Yeah! Samuel had such a great birthday last Friday. Samuel wanted nothing more than to play with Abbie. We got up in the morning and went out for pancakes. Samuel opened a book from G&G Payne and a train set from Mom and Dad. Then we took him to Target and bought him a Thomas train. (p.s. those things are expensive!!). We went and picked up Abbie and took her to the park. Then we returned home and ate lunch and played. The two nutballs were at the height of their silliness after lunch. I was trying to take a birthday picture of them together, but they were out of control! Check out the video at the end.

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grandpa gary said...

What a surprise. I didn't know I bought Samuel a train set!

Grandpa Gary