Friday, June 06, 2008

Warning: Construction Zone

Our big news for the week - we closed on our house on Monday and have been busy, busy, busy every day working on project after project. Our projects include - painting, refinishing floors, laying new floor in the kitchen, knocking out a wall, replacing a banister & laying new carpet. Here are a few pics of the progress: I'm not in any of the pictures because my job has been to entertain the boys back at the old house all week. Between wet paint, dust flying, & power tools, we thought it best not to have Samuel & Joel at the new house. We've kept busy here. It has been really HOT, so we've spent time in just diapers (well, the boys have, not me!). And Joel has learned how to smile! He gives these big, open-mouth grins that are hilarious.


Jen said...

wow, you've been busy! and love love love the video of Joel! nice to have family up for your birthday.. i mean for free labor. :)


Ruth Palmer said...

Cute video! But, boy, it sure seems like he doesn't look like Samuel, unless I've forgotten what Samuel looked like!

Krista said...

That picture of Joel smiling looks so much like Samuel! That's exciting all you're doing to your new house. Can't wait to see the finished product!

markandmeg said...

Aww, I love Joel's sweet smile! And wow, ya'll have gotten into a lot with your new house. But it sounds like its going to look great when you are done!