Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby Jo-Jo

Oh, our sweet baby Jo-Jo. We just love him to pieces. He is usually called "Baby Joel" or Jo-Jo around the house. He is sweet natured and loves to be held. His favorite place to be is in the sling, snuggled up to mommy. He cries in the evenings when he isn't hungry but tired but is too stubborn to fall asleep. He loves his daddy best. He is the only one worthy enough to receive a "lippy kiss" from Samuel - anyone else can only get "hugs". He is growing like a weed and will soon need to move up to the next size of clothes. He hates riding in the car. He has no idea what sleeping through the night means. He is really soft. He hates the bath but loves to get in the shower. He is just a super-duper, God-given gift and we love him SO much!


Ed, Jamie, Christian and Benjamin said...

Cute pictures! He is already getting so big- he looks like he is catching up with Benjamin if not passing right on by him. :)

Jessica said...

hopefully the boys will take turns being awake during the night so that we can all get literally NO sleep while y'all are here. fingers crossed