Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh the Misery!

Did you know - it SNOWED here in Chicago yesterday!! It was horribly depressing because we thought Spring had arrived in the Midwest. But, OH NO, it just HAD to snow again! Luckily nothing stuck and it is sunny again today (but cold - like 37 degrees!).

Here are a few pics to brighten up the day.

Samuel sporting the new poncho his Grandma P made:

Samuel got his hair buzzed for the first time. He did really well and I was able to cut it to look pretty cute. I did a 5 guard on the back and sides and a 7 guard on top. Here is the before shot:

And the after:

Ed took this great picture of Samuel yesterday. This is how much fun we have ALL day:

Auntie Liz sent the boys some awesome presents yesterday. Samuel got this great wooden Farm puzzle - he loves it! He ran over and got his tractor yesterday to play with while he looked at the puzzle. He likes to point to the cows and say "Moo". Then he points to their udders and says "Milk". I swear I don't remember teaching this to him - I'm not sure where he learned it.

Here is our sweetie, Joel. He is sporting the cutie shirt that Auntie Liz sent him - thank you! He is just so adorable and a real chunk! Ed wants to take him up to work and weigh him on the scales because we swear he is gaining so much weight each day. We also think he has a hint of red in his hair. Can you see it?


aje said...

WOW! Let me just say that Joel definitely looks like Ed...poor kid! (just kidding!) ;)

Good 'ol midwest weather! You never know what its going to do, do you? Not to brag or anything (but then again, after our nightmare of a winter I suppose we have bragging rights) it has been summer here for quite a while! We are going on a retreat this weekend and we are taking our swim stuff to swim at the lake! This place takes quite a transformation after winter is over!

Leah, good job keeping the blog updated. We just love to see lots of pictures of the boys, especially Ella. I think she has a crush on Samuel! ;)


tenjuices said...

Sambo in a knit poncho? Ridiculous

Jessica said...

Next thing you know Ed will be wearing a man sling...

Ruth Palmer said...

good job on the haircut! I do #2 all the way around on Camden's head...now THAT'S a buzz cut :)

Any news on the house yet?

I think we're closing on our land Monday afternoon, so maybe they'll break ground by the end of the week next week.


Ross and Shannon said...

I love Samuels new cut :) I just did Lukes for the first time, right after I snipped a big hole in his bangs with siccors ahhah...Joel looks sooo sweet and handsome like his brother! I have made several slings and really like them. David still likes to snuggle down in them and sleep! My sister and I had so much fun buying material that we even sold one!!! Hope yall are doing well...

Ross and Shannon said...

I meant scissors...that is not good :) Too much going on in the house!