Monday, March 17, 2008

What? No Baby Update?!

Okay, so sorry - I thought I had posted an update for Friday's doctors appt. After several phone calls and e-mails this weekend I realized that I never did! Oops!

Friday's appt. was the most eventful yet - I was very close to being induced! The NST went fine, but then my fluid level was a 5.5. The doc had said that at 5, we induce. The tech called my doc, but she was out for the day. She spoke with the on-call doc and he said "let's induce". She came back in and told me that he wanted to induce, probably even that day, but that she had to take some addt'l measurements for him. She estimated the size to be 6 pounds, 14 ounces and called him back. He said that since the size and the NST were so good, he wanted me to wait a little longer. SOOO, I was pretty close, but not quite! I was really upset all day Friday, but then the Lord spoke to my heart and I realized that I should instead be thankful that the baby is doing so well despite the low fluid and that s/he will come in his/her own time. I'm now at peace with the whole thing and am (trying) not to be anxious about this week's appts.

I go Tuesday morning at 9:15 for the next u/s and NST. Then I see my doc in the afternoon. I should know more tomorrow. And I'll be 38 weeks on Wednesday - getting closer!


Jen said...

I was wondering! Didn't see your parents sunday to ask. Waiting is hard! hang in there!


Krista said...

Look at that belly - I love it!! You're soooo close to meeting your little baby!!

Right now, you get to have him/her with you always. Soon enough he/she will enter this big world. I'm praying you'll get to go naturally. . . hang in there for all the appointments this week.