Saturday, January 26, 2008

Playing Around with Samuel

I snapped some photos of Samuel the other morning as we were playing around. Enjoy!


Krista said...

Well, I'm a little behind in commenting on your blog but I just wanted to sympathize with you and Samuel cutting teeth! Although Lydia didn't run a fever, she cut 3 while we were in Thailand and it was crazy. She cried if she wasn't in my arms, wouldn't eat, didn't sleep good, and that was all on top of jet lag and being in a new place. I think it's neat how our babies are cutting teeth at the same time!

grandma carol said...

Well, I hope Aunt Peggy sees the Purdue "P" on his sweatpants. Other than that, these are really cute!

Justin & Gi said...

CUTE!!!!!! So who does Samuel look like leah or Ed??
PS did you try some Kefir from the store??