Monday, January 21, 2008

A Doozy of a Weekend

First, as a reminder to myself that Samuel does know how to smile and be cute, here are a few cute pics:

Now, here's the real story from this weekend:
Samuel felt hot on Thursday afternoon. He ran a fever through Friday. I took his temp on Friday at noon and it was 105. I knew that this was supposed to be some sort of sign to me to contact a dr. Well, we don't have a dr. yet! But my OB had just given me a recommendation on Wed. We called the dr. and she said she would see Samuel at 5:30 on Friday evening. We took him in and even with Tylenol in his system, he was still at 104.3. He ran 105 through the night, but by morning, it was gone. No idea what that was all about - his strep culture was negative and he didn't have any other symptoms. We're waiting to see if he gets a rash, which means it was/is roseola, but no rash so far. Okay, so not so bad, right? WRONG...keep reading!
Samuel was UN-BEARABLY irritable Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. I mean, I was on the verge of putting him up for adoption. Ed and I were stopping and praying at every turn for grace in dealing with him b/c we were totally frazzled. I thought it was something to do with the fever. Then, last night, Samuel seemed to have turned a corner. We were all playing on the couch and Ed started feeling his gums for the 6th tooth that we've been waiting to come in. All of a sudden, he realized that Samuel had a MOLAR break through on top!! We couldn't believe it! He has been so slow in getting his front teeth (he only has two bottom and 3 1/2 top so far). We definitely weren't thinking that he would get any molars anytime soon. WOW - we were shocked. But at least it seemed to explain Samuel's HORRIBLE mood. We have changed our minds about giving him up (for now) but are seriously dreading the other molars he will have to get. I guess we could consider just loaning him out to one of you when the next molar comes!


Alan Knox said...


You and Ed should not have to put with the problems that Samuel causes. We'll sacrifice and take him from you.


Ruth Palmer said...

The same thing happened to Mackenzie. She ran a ridiculously high fever when she got her molars, but she always opted to sleep instead of be grumpy. So I got lucky! And as a quick funny side note....I met a kid over the weekend who's birthday is Feb. 8, and he had like 8 regular teeth & 3 molars already!! I thought my kids were quick, but that's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

It may have been the molar. But it might have been that he was mad because the Packers looked like they were going to the Super Bowl. Once He found out they lost, he was fine. I now I was cranky for a few days leading up to the NFC championship game.


Leah said...

Georgia was slow with her teeth as well--I thought she was fussy because her top 'side' teeth were finally dropping in...and I found a molar instead! She has both top molars mostly in, and now we are going through the process of cutting about 3 at the same time...She only has 6 teeth right now at 15 months if you count two partially in molars, so I guess the trouble will continue. I pray that God will give you grace!

NotesbyNewsome said...

Molars are absolutely awful! James was not himself on and off for almost 2 months b/c of all of his molars coming in. The funniest thing is that my sis-in-law's previous pediatrician told her that when teeth come in that they DO NOT cause children to be ill or run fevers or experience weird bowel movements. Ha! That's one of the many reasons why that's not her pediatrician anymore!!!

Christy said...

Samuel looks so adorable in those photos....How could you put that sweet face up for adoption? Well, if you decide to go that route, you know who to call :)
Poor little guy...hope he's feeling better!