Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Packing & Playing

Well we are in full force packing around here. Actually, that should be amended to say we are in full force selling around here. We've decided not to rent a UHaul, but to sell everything instead. I've been a craigslist maniac for the past few days. We are now without a couch or a bed. Samuel's bedroom furniture is slated to be hauled off on Friday morning. Samuel is loving the extra space to run around in. He had a sad day on Sunday, however, when a gentleman came to take away his sandbox. We had to literally remove him from the sandbox to haul it off. And of course all of the neighborhood kids were out and asking "Ms. Leah, why are you taking the sandbox away?" a million times over. Talk about rip your heart out! Here are a bunch of the kids playing in it before it was gone:

Now that some of the clutter is gone, Samuel discovered our clock. He loves to climb onto the back of it and then peek his head around:

I've also had a much harder time getting any real pictures taken of him. Anytime I get the camera out, he comes barreling towards me to play with it. This pic is of him standing as close as he could. He likes me to take his picture and then show it to him on the review screen.

We are only about a week and a half away from our move. We got the good news that when you fly Southwest, each person gets to check THREE pieces of luggage, PLUS bring a carryon. We bought a ticket for Samuel (at an infant rate - did you know about that?) and so we are able to bring 9 pieces of luggage, three carryons, a stroller to check planeside, and his carseat to put on the plane with us. Can you believe it?! That will be a big help. Then the rest of our stuff will have to go in the car with Ed and my dad as they drive the car across the country - mostly books and our stereo. Exciting times around here, to say the least! Oh, and one last thing - Samuel finally cut another tooth! His top tooth is coming in (not good enough for pictures yet). Ed keeps telling him "way to go buddy, opposable teeth!"


Grandma Carol said...

That's okay, Samuel. Grandma will buy you a new sandbox in Chicago.

db said...

leah! you are amazing. i am not allowed to whine about my transition time anymore for several reasons that your blog brings to light: i do not have a child, i am not pregnant, i did not move across the country and i did not move twice. :o) love you guys, we are praying for you!!

Krista said...

I love how you keep us so updated even in the midst of packing, pregnant, and a toddler. . . girl you are amazing! We are praying for you guys!

NotesbyNewsome said...

So, you sold all of Samuel's cute bedroom furniture? Are you going to buy all new stuff for the baby? I'll be excited to hear more about your move, and excited to hear about your adventure creating new spaces in your home...take pics, I can't wait to see them!!


Hollie said...

Yeah, I agree with Michelle's questions. Are you going to buy new furniture when you get there for the baby and for Samuel? I want to hear more! You're super woman Leah! I bet you got better deals out there since the cost of living is higher. Is that true?

JANNETH said...

Hey Leah, is so nice be able to see aun que sea only on pictures, Samuel is very very very cute. You are a suite mami, god bless you family