Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Okay, we got our first real taste of California livin' last night. We were sitting around the table last night and at first thought a big truck was driving by. The tremor lasted for quite awhile, though, and I (Leah) said "is this an earthquake?" Ed assured me that it was just a UPS truck. Well, he ate crow this morning at the coffee shop when everyone in line was buzzing about the earthquake. I tried the "I told you so" line on him, to which he replied, "If that was a 5.6, then bring on the 8!!" So, if a big one hits SF, you all know who to blame! If you want to read about the quake, click here. BTW - it wasn't a big deal at all - it actually did feel more like a big truck driving by. :)

On another note, tomorrow I will have a NEW POST for you featuring BABY PAYNE #2! We go for our ultrasound scan and doctor followup tomorrow at 1:00pm Pacific Time. We won't be finding out the sex, but we're still excited to catch a little glimpse of baby. Here's what s/he looks like from the outside:

And finally, here is Samuel in his Halloween costume. He is a little monkey. We're taking him Trick or Treating at the local outdoor shopping mall this afternoon. We've been trying to teach him to pick out the Snickers and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups - we'll see how he does! I figure next year we'll have to share the candy with him, so we better take advantage as best we can this year!


Alan Knox said...

Yes, Samuel is a little monkey. But, what is he going to be for Halloween?


Carol said...

I still want to know how much the Starbucks gift card bribe has to be to find out if this little one is a girl or a boy.

Jackie said...

I love his costume. Graham was a monkey too, although he didn't have to ears like Samuel's costume.

The Peoples said...

he makes a cute little monkey and a cute little boy. how was trick or treating.


JPo said...

Samuel is so cute! Don't worry, you can still swipe his candy next year. I'm still taking the ones Liam "can't" eat. We'll be praying for your ultrasound apt.