Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Free Day at the Zoo

The first Wednesday of every month is a free day to get into some of SF's greatest attractions. My neighbor and I took advantage and trucked the kids into the city to visit the San Francisco Zoo. The whole trip (well, except for the gas for her van) cost us only $5 - the price to get across the GG Bridge. The zoo was free, we found free street parking, and we brought our lunch to eat. What a deal! Samuel liked the animals and had a good time talking to them. He fell asleep after lunch and missed the petting zoo. Darn - who wouldn't want to rub their hands all over filthy animals?
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db said...

how fun!! i love all your recent videos. :o)

Christina said...

that is AWESOME that they do that!! I LOVE the SF Zoo and am VERY jealous. Maybe Will and I will have to come out for a midweek visit. :) We're going to the Atlanta aquarium and zoo over trackout. I can't wait to see Will's reaction to all the animals. He's been working on his "moooo" sound - too bad there's not usually cows at the zoo. :)

Krista said...

I know Samuel had a blast, Lydia loves animals too. I'm sure the SF zoo was a little better (and cleaner!) than the Alexandrian zoo though :)